Balancing Equipment

  • •IRD Portable vibration analyzers / Dynamic Balancers
  • •IRD In house vibration analyzer / Dynamic Balancers
  • •IRD 308 Vibration and Sound Meter
  • •IRD X 1000 Balancing Stand. Up to 60" swing.
  • •IRD 109 Balancing Stand. 40" swing.

Shop Equipment

  • •Engine lathes to 21" swing
  • •Commtest VB Series Digital Vibration Analyzer/Balancer
  • •24" Taper attachment
  • •Bridgeport vertical mills
  • •Digital readouts
  • •Arbor and Hydraulic presses
  • •Assorted drill presses
  • •Band saws, cutoff and vertical
  • •Welding, arc and gas
  • •Various tooling and fixtures

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Predictive Maintenance Services

Serley Manufacturing Company is a provider of predictive maintenance services.  For a free quote on your project, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away during normal business hours.  Thanks for choosing Serley Manufacturing Co!

How does predictive maintenance help you and your company?

The method of collecting critical data by means of vibration analysis offers the most comprehensive results. Unlike oil analysis or thermography, vibration analysis can determine the very core defects or faults associated with particular mechanical components such as shafts, bearings or conditions of imbalance with far better accuracy. Our state of the art equipment can produce accurate health assessments for your machinery in order to better protect your company from surprise breakdowns. These surprise breakdowns can cost your business dearly if not detected early enough. The best part of the service we offer is that once a condition trend has been established, we can begin to effectively predict future breakdowns and schedule the necessary repairs that fit your scheduled downtime. You will receive periodic detailed reports that will give you the insider knowledge and freedom of choice on how to handle your equipment as you see fit.

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