Balancing Equipment

  • •IRD Portable vibration analyzers / Dynamic Balancers
  • •IRD In house vibration analyzer / Dynamic Balancers
  • •IRD 308 Vibration and Sound Meter
  • •IRD X 1000 Balancing Stand. Up to 60" swing.
  • •IRD 109 Balancing Stand. 40" swing.

Shop Equipment

  • •Engine lathes to 21" swing
  • •Commtest VB Series Digital Vibration Analyzer/Balancer
  • •24" Taper attachment
  • •Bridgeport vertical mills
  • •Digital readouts
  • •Arbor and Hydraulic presses
  • •Assorted drill presses
  • •Band saws, cutoff and vertical
  • •Welding, arc and gas
  • •Various tooling and fixtures

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About Us

About Serley Manufacturing Company

Serley Manufacturing Company is a family owned and operated machine shop and industrial repair provider located in Saint Paul Minnesota.  Since 1918, we have offered world class machining services to customers nationwide.  Our commitment to our customers is the reason for our longevity, especially in tougher times like today.  We put our customers' needs at the forefront of our operation so that we can ensure customer satisfaction 100% of the time.  We offer many services including dynamic balancing/production balancing/prototype balancing, predictive maintenance, vibration analysis, industrial repair, and other job shop type services.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

We are the Minnesota Job Shop for all of your needs.  We take pride in our operation of the finest Machine Shop in Minnesota!

Our quality service and commitment to our customers is the reason for our success and 9 times out of 10, our customers come back for repeat business.

For more information on our company, feel free to call us at 651-224-4233 or send us a message from our contact form.

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